MAIN ROOM                                                                           

9.00 Registration

9.35 Conference Welcome

9.40 Beyond music - keynote presentation and discussion:

Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, the largest U13 kids digital platform, discusses the next generation of music fans, their behaviours and habits, how to reach them and how they’re likely to develop.

Chair: Stuart Dredge, Editor-In-Chief, Music Ally

Followed by Q&A

10.10 Pitch perfect – the secrets of playlist pitching - panel discussion

 Chair: Eamonn Forde, Music Ally


Justin Barker, Global Director, Streaming strategy, PIAS

Lucie Watson, Head of Music, Platoon

Rene Andreasi-Bassi, Head of Digital Marketing and Promotion, FUGA

Wesley T A'Harrah, Head of Training and Development, Music Ally

10.40  Under the influence -the power of Influencer marketing

Chair: Chiara Michieletto, Music Ally


Jacqueline Eyewe, Marketing Manager, Atlantic Records UK

Jack Hurlock, Senior Account Manager, Social Chain

Bastian Manintveld, Executive Chairman, 2btube

Holly H, Influencer,

11.10 Coffee Break

11.40 What I learned from...

Beth Appleton, Senior VP, Global Marketing, WMG discusses key lessons learned from a recent campaign

11.50  Behind the Campaigns

Music Ally’s Wesley A’Harrah presents one of the campaigns from the past year which we have admired and why

12.00 Going Live: how to make the most of live video

Chair: Eamonn Forde, Music Ally


Wil Benton, Co-founder & CEO, Chew

Stef Pascual, Head of Digital, Crown Talent & Media

Jason Fletcher, Director of Marketing, EMEA, Twitch

Athena Witter, Production Director, The Box Plus Network

12.30  D2C  - 2017-2022

Four presentations from companies involved in different aspects of D2C on what their companies are doing now and what they will be doing in five years time

Chair: Paul Brindley, CEO & Co-Founder, Music Ally


Taishi Fukuyama, CMO, Qrates

Syd Lawrence, Co-Founder, The Bot Platform

Juliana Meyer, Founder & CEO, SupaPass

Simon Scott, Co-Founder, Push Entertainment


1.00 Lunch

2.00  Data and analytics panel discussion

Chair: Chris Carey, CEO, Media Insight Consulting


Lucy Blair, Director International Sales & Marketing, The Orchard

Sung Cho, CEO and Founder, Chartmetric

Lars Ettrup, CEO and Co-founder, Linkfire

Caroline Zimmerman, Senior Director, Data Insights & Analytics, BMG

2.35  Beyond music - presentation

Lounge Books CEO and Founder and ex Harper Collins Head of Audience Development Sam Missingham explains what she learned from running virtual festivals for authors  

2.45 Tools live!

Music Ally presents a showcase of some of the best new music marketing tools and services from all over the world (and particularly San Francisco)

Chair: Paul Brindley, CEO & Co-Founder, Music Ally


Sony Theakanath, CEO & Co-founder, Asaii - San Francisco-based A&R and impact analysis tool

Andreas Mahringer, CEO & Co-founder, Record Bird - Free app & chatbot notifying fans of new music releases

Tom Nield, Co-Founder, Landmrk

David Weiszfeld, CEO and founder, Soundcharts

3.15  Behind the Campaigns

Music Ally’s Chiara Michieletto  presents one of the campaigns from the past year which we have admired and why

3.25 What I learned from…

David Emery, VP, Global Marketing Strategy, Kobalt Music Recordings, discusses key lessons learned from a recent campaign

3.35 Coffee break

4.10 Music Keynote Interview- Twenty Years After with Diluk Dias

A fireside chat (without the fire) with Diluk Dias, Co-Founder and CEO AEI Group Ltd, one of today's most successful and progressive independent music companies

4.40  The one thing streaming services should do for music marketers is…

        An interactive session led by:

Darren Hemmings, Founder, Motive Unknown

Sammy Andrews, Founder, Deviate Digital

Wesley A’Harrah, Music Ally

5.20 Drinks and networking

6.30 Event ends


 BAROQUE HALL (upstairs room) 

11.10 - 11.40 Streaming Marketing 

Wesley A'Harrah, Music Ally

13.30 - 14.00 Meet the sponsors

14.45 - 15.15 Advanced Advertising

Wesley A'Harrah, Music Ally 

15.35 - 16.05 Campaign Case Studies

Chiara Michieletto, Music Ally